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Head of the observatory


Oceanographer and Research Professor

Higher Institute for Maritime Studies (ISEM)

Casablanca, Morocco

Dr. Aissa Benazzouz is a professor of Oceanography and head of the Ocean Observatory at the Higher Institute for Maritime Studies- ISEM Casablanca. He is also member of the Intergovernmental Oceanography Commission (IOC) of UNESCO and member of the National Committee of Oceanography Hydrography and Mapping led by the Royal Navy and head of the Physical and Technological Oceanography Department and Coordinator for the Research Group on Physical Oceanography.

After completing an engineering degree in Oceanology from the Agronomic and Veterinary Medicine Institute (IAV Hassan II), Mr. Aissa got his PhD in Oceanography, Remote Sensing and GIS from Hassan II University, Casablanca-Morocco. In 2005, Dr. Aissa was appointed by the National Institute of Fisheries Research where he worked as remote sensing researcher in Marine Sciences at the department of oceanography for 11 years (2005-2016). In June 2016, he joined the Higher Institute for Maritime Studies – ISEM Casablanca, as Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Ocean-Atmosphere interaction.

In addition to his appointment at ISEM, Dr. Aissa, regularly serves as visiting professor to some Moroccan universities. He also served as committee member of some PhD thesis and participated and organized a number of seminars and scientific gatherings. While at the National Institute of Fisheries Research, Dr. Aissa participated in numerous oceanographic research missions at sea, some of them as Chief Scientist.

Main research interests:

Physical Oceanography processes, eastern boundary currents, Mediterranean outflow, coastal upwelling, mesoscale features, process modeling, physical-biological interactions, maritime Meteorology, processing satellite data (SST, ocean color, wind, altimetry,…), GIS and Webmapping.