Alumni Newsletter July 2019

L’université Mondiale Maritime WMU a publié dans sa newsletter de juillet 2019 « ALUMNI NEWSLETTER july 2019 » un article sur Monsieur Mohamed BRIOUIG, Directeur de l’Institut Supérieur d’Etudes Maritimes, qui est un ancien lauréat de la WMU en 1997 (MSc en Port Management).

Dr.Mohamed Briouig
Director, Higher Institute of Maritime Studies (ISEM)
1997 MSc Port Management

 An accomplished WMU graduate, Dr. Mohamed Briouig has over 25 years of experience in planning and management of ports and maritime logistics.
A 1997 WMU graduate of the MSc in Port Management, he was the first Moroccan student to receive the CDG Germany sponsorship.
As the Director of the Higher Institute of Maritime Studies (ISEM) in Morocco, Dr. Briouig remains in close contact with his fellow graduates, inviting them to meet and speak with the students of ISEM. It’s notable that Dr. Briouig’s invitations to his fellow alumni replicates some of the most formative aspects of his time as a WMU student, « There were excellent experts in the field who came to speak at WMU. » His experiences as part of student council along with « hands-on job training experiences » created an educational environment that Dr. Briouig spoke fondly of. « I still benefit from the wealth of contacts I made during my time at WMU. »
Regarding the upcoming 2020 Alumni Conference and the inaugural Alumni Webinar this July, Dr. Briouig expressed his belief in the importance of holding recurring forums that engage alumni, « WMU graduates benefit a lot in both knowledge and their work by staying connected with the university. » Acknowledging the reciprocal relationship, he highlighted the importance of both the university and the graduates making efforts to engage.
When asked what advice he has for alumni and soon to be graduates, he emphasized the important role WMU plays in the maritime network, stating that graduates can greatly « strengthen their professional network » by staying in touch with the university and with each other.
Dr. Briouig maintained that the sharing of knowledge, contacts and information is vital not only for personal and professional relationships, but also for the field itself, noting that WMU graduates enrich the sector with their expertise and personal bonds. “WMU graduates help each other. »