Life at the ISEM Campus

Students’ daily lives don’t stop at studies, exams and internships. It encompasses also leisure, catering, sports and recreation. The quality of life for the entire ISEM community depends on the quality standard of those campus facilities.

ISEM campus is located in an exceptional natural setting at the heart of the university campus of Casablanca, the economic capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. ISEM campus has all the conditions to make the lives of students as pleasant as possible. Spread over approximately 6 hectares, housing numerous buildings and facilities dedicated to teaching and research, accommodation, catering, sports and recreation, the ISEM campus is designed to provide students with an environment conducive to learning.


The study regime applied to ISEM is paramilitary. Students of the Institute are entitled to live in the institute’s dorms.
Accommodation is a service provided by the institute allowing students to study in the best possible conditions, taking into account attendance requirements of the specific study programs which require students to be permanently present at the institute.
The regulation of the boarding constitutes a means to ensure normal and fruitful student life, to fix the rights and duties of all students at the campus and to limit the spaces of individual freedom and those of common and shared exchange and communication.
Living at the institutes’ accommodation is compulsory for undergraduate students, while being optional for graduate students.
ISEM has three accommodation buildings for students, one of which is reserved for girls. These buildings have a capacity of 286 beds.


The institute’s restaurant can accommodate up to 300 guests, students and staff. It includes a separate guest room for up to 20 people.

Sports Facilities

ISEM has quality sports facilities:

  • a soccer field ;
  • a multi-purpose field for practicing volleyball, basketball, handball, mini-football;
  • a fitness room;
  • a swimming pool.

Health center

ISEM provides its students with a health facility that can accommodate up to 8 patients. A nurse is present all day and receives students in an equipped consultation room. A doctor receives patients once a week.
In case of emmergency, students can be transferred to the casablanca public and private hospitals existing in the vicinity of the campus.


The library of the Higher Institute of Maritime Studies is an important learning asset for students, teachers and researchers.
It contains specialized maritime documentation, including technical and scientific materials, students dissertations and thesis as well as maritime magazines and journals.
The library is also equipped with digital materials allowing students access online electronic sources.