Graduate Studies

The objective of this program of studies is to train senior officers of the Merchant Marine to become master mariners. Officers will be prepared to take full responsibility of the ship, its passengers, crew and cargo. They will be aware of their obligations under national laws and international conventions relating to safety, security and the protection of the marine environment.
Graduates will be able to demonstrate their competency to carry out, at managerial level, the tasks and responsibilities listed in the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers STCW as amended.


Second captain :

Captain’s right hand for navigation, he is also responsible for the safety of the ship. He directs the commercial operations and the operations of loading and unloading of the cargo.

Captain or Commander :

The captain is the head of the maritime expedition. Representative of the shipowner and responsible for the ship, its cargo and its crew members.

He takes care of administrative tasks, compliance with international regulations, control and updating of official documents, is in contact with the shipowner, charterer, shipping agent, port authorities. he is responsible for the proper application of the International Code for on-board safety management.

Responsible for all the activity of the ship, as well as for conducting the ship and ensuring its safety, he chooses the maneuvers and routes and manages life on board, in application of the regulations in force, in particular, the Merchant Marine Regulation of 1919.

Master Mariner Program

Courses :

  • Navigation: Navigation/Maps / Meteorology/Climatology/ Oceanography
  • Vessel Operation: Safety / Damage / Ship Theory
  • Ship technology: Technology/Maintenance/Pollution/Marine Machinery
  • Ship Handling: Manoeuvring Simulator
  • Law/Management
  • Languages and Communication: General English/Maritime English
  • STCW Courses: Petroleum Product Transportation/ Chemical Transportation

Graduate Marine Engineering Program

Courses :

  • Electro-Naval : Automation/Automation and Industrial Computing/Electronics/ Electrical Engineering
  • Machine Management : Prevention-Control-Diagnosis/Organization and Maintenance Methods
  • Energetics: Propulsion Energy / Technical Report
  • Advanced Technology : Machine Simulator / Numerical Analysis and Finite Elements/ Structural Analysis & Modeling
  • Safety and Security
  • Law/Management
  • Languages of communication : General English/Maritime English