Accreditation and Certification

IALA Accreditation

As part of the reinforcement of the technical capacities of the personnel in charge of navigation safety, the Directorate of Ports and Maritime Public Domain has accredited the Higher Institute of Maritime Studies for the organisation of certification training courses in the field of navigational aids and maritime traffic management in accordance with the standards of the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA). Under this accreditation, various training courses related to this field will be organized by ISEM. These include the following :

  • LI.I Level 1 aids to navigation manager training;
  • L.2.0 AtoN Training Overview” Aids to Navigation Technician Training;
  • VTS Operator Training” VTS Operator Training;
  • VTS Supervisor Training”; “VTS Supervisor Training”;
  • VTS Recurrent Training “VTS Recurrent/Refresher Training”.


ISO Certifications

ISEM’s training and competency assessment system is certified ISO 9001- version 2015. This is a recognition of a sustained work within the Institute to provide high quality, higher education training and certification up to the highest standards.
ISO certification is an important tool preparing ISEM to be continually fit for IMO and EMSA accreditations.