As part of the strategic vision of ISEM, the current management has set up a long-term national system for spatial and operational oceanography and observation of maritime conditions. This observatory takes advantage of the availability of powerful tools (hydrodynamic models) and the access to international platforms of real-time and near-real time satellite data which make it possible to simulate various parameters of the sea condition.

The aim is to capitalize on information system derived from spatial indicators (satellites), hydrodynamic models and offshore instruments (buoys, tide gauges, etc.) or existing databases.

The main missions of the observatory:

  • Research: the Observatory’s research activities are carried out in laboratories set up as research units. The potential themes will be related to the development of oceanographic models including physical and hydrodynamic components.

  • Education: Getting involved in new training courses (Engineer and Master) in fields related to Coastal and Port Engineering and Geosciences.

  • Observation: Real-time satellite data acquisition and processing.

  • Scientific Mediation: Sea conditions can be published in interactive maps and bulletins.