Given its prime geographical location and its privileged international ties, Morocco is positioned as a maritime partner with significant assets in international cooperation, especially vis-à-vis African countries with which Morocco has initiated advanced cooperation agreements in all fields, in application of a unique South-South cooperation policy.

In this respect, the ISEM has been engaged for decades in a very advanced bilateral and tripartite cooperation dynamic that has opened up several avenues for fruitful and balanced partnerships, both in the field of initial and continuing training.

ISEM’s partnership policy aims to strengthen the network’s links with the maritime Industry. The Institute sets up synergies for transdisciplinary cooperation and mobility of students and teachers.
Thanks to its rich and diversified partnerships, ISEM attracts the best students, executives and teachers and offers its training courses to renowned maritime companies and port authorities.

Through these partnerships, ISEM enables its students to benefit from the opportunities, experiences and working methods of the best maritime institutes on an international scale, in particular by organizing joint research activities.

Thus, several agreements of educational and professional nature have been signed between the Institute and its various national and international partners.